There was no time to wipe.


I stopped peeing mid-stream.

There was no time to wipe.

I leaped onto the edge of the tub, crouching, pants and panties still around my ankles.

“Centipede on the wall! CENTIPEDE ON THE WALL!!!!!”

Enter hubby.






“That’s right, you go down with half of my pee, you nocturnal bastards!”

I did finally finish peeing, took a shower, and got ready for work.

I saw giant bears in colorful tee-shirts on the shoulder of the freeway on my way to work.



I assumed I was stuck in some kind of nightmare that involved a creepy carnival and large insects.

But it was real.

I actually passed a carnival ride on the shoulder of the freeway. It was compacted, like maybe it had been on a trailer and was being transported, then was left for whatever reason and awaiting a tow truck.

But still.

Creepiest morning ever.

(Okay. I totally did not take this picture. It is a beautiful product of Zemanta.)

Bear Butt

Bear Butt (Photo credit: ahockley)

4 thoughts on “There was no time to wipe.

  1. Creepy crawlies in the bathroom are the worst. My oldest wouldn’t use one bathroom for a week because she saw a spider on the toilet when she was peeing and we weren’t able to catch and kill it.

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