Nerds are good in bed.

You know you are married to a nerd when….

Your mom-in-law takes you and hubby out for pancakes, and hubby does this with his plate:


Pac-Man. Which I rock at. Which may have played a big part in why he wanted to marry me.

PS. Nerds are good in bed. Why? Maybe it’s working all of those video game controllers that gives them amazing finger muscles, which can come in *handy* during certain pleasurable situations….

21 thoughts on “Nerds are good in bed.

    • Oh, a couple of writer friends and I are going to try and get our first drafts of our novels done by the end of the summer. I am excited and nervous about it! But it will be fun to do it together. And I will get through it by just letting myself get the first draft out, just keep writing and writing and letting my inner critic hibernate until fall. We start is a couple of weeks, eeeek!

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