“Your Money or Your Life”

A book that changed my life:

‘Your Money or Your Life.’

By Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin.

I almost didn’t read it. The first time I flipped through it (when I was a teenager), I was appalled.

I had just happened to stop flipping and my eyes landed on the line at the top of page 106, which read, “C. Nonprescription, ‘recreational’ drugs.”

The phrase was on a list as an example of expenses to keep track of, and I was going through a puritanical phase (which came right after my dress-like-a-slut phase), and thus, appalled.

Now, in my wiser adult years, I realize they were just keepin’ sh*t real.


Many moons later (like, last year), a friend recommended the book. I’m pretty sure she was just sick of hearing me verbalize my worries (okay, whine) about finances.

Turns out, the book fracking changed me.

Some parts are a little outdated (um, and I think one of the authors might be dead now?), but many of the basic principles hold true.

Things are still incredibly challenging on the financial front (Hubby has worked for four companies in the last 10 years that have closed, thus lost jobs as many times and is still looking now, plus a year and a half ago he almost died and we will be paying off the bills for his ICU stay for the next 8 years — oh my gosh that sounds so cold the way I said it and I totally don’t mean it that way, but there is just no tactful way to say that saving someone’s life costs money, man).

But with the tools from this book, we are a bit more empowered, and feel confident to make better plans and decisions than we have in the past. Also, we have learned to ease the problem of worrying about money. And I feel like I have a better mentality to deal with work related stress. All awesome things, ya dig?



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