This post will only make sense if you have seen, ‘Thelma and Louise.’ Also, BOOBIES MAKE ME SMILE!

Road trippin’ through some Midwestern sates this weekend:

Me: Haha!

Mom: What?

Me: I just watched ‘Thelma and Louise,’ last week and that truck looks exactly like the one those two amazeballs bitches blew up! Have  you ever seen that movie?

Mom: No.

Me: Pass him!

Cover of "Thelma & Louise"

Cover of Thelma & Louise

I expect he will be just a normal looking trucker. (Omg, I am so sexist. See how I just assumed he would be a he? Shame on me. One of my closest chick friends is a trucker!)

But he is just like the dirty trucker man in Thelma and Louise! Not only is he wearing cheesy sunglasses, he has a HUGE sticker on his driver side window which is situated perfectly so that when he turns his head, his face is captioned with the words, ‘BOOBIES MAKE ME SMILE!’

It took me about 5 minutes to realize that meant he probably was looking to get flashed. What can I say, I am my mother’s daughter. (Oh, for those of you who don’t know, my mom is really slow when it comes to getting pervy stuff, which is super adorable.)

PS. It’s too bad my hubby, Rich, wasn’t with us. His pervy little mind would have gotten it right way, and he probably would have flashed his man nipples at the trucker. I wonder if that would have made the trucker man smile…

10 thoughts on “This post will only make sense if you have seen, ‘Thelma and Louise.’ Also, BOOBIES MAKE ME SMILE!

  1. I probably shouldn’t share this with you, but think about the perspective a trucker gets when he looks down into a car. Then think about the message on that trucker’s hat. The view from above reveals more than the typical side view. Unfortunately, I know that from many blushing moments as a bicycle commuter in suburban traffic. A bicycle is also a bit higher than a car.

  2. Oh hey hi! You left a comment on my blog and I wandered over here to see who you are. I am utterly slow at getting inuendo or puns. I assume it is because all of my brain power is being siphoned off by trying to remember what I was doing before I got interrupted for the 12 millionth time.

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