That’s so cheesy!

The absolute best part of road tripping through Wisconsin:




11 thoughts on “That’s so cheesy!

  1. You visited the CASTLE!!! That is about 45 minutes from my house (if I am driving). I have biked close to that castle. I have thumbed my nose at the Wisconsin State Police who dutifully trap.. er… patrol the interstate close by. AND the cheese is wonderful. My college roomie lived 5 minutes from there!

  2. Cheese castle! That’s great. It makes sense, Iowa has the corn palace, Wisconsin has the cheese castle. They should totally build a Spam Chateau in Minnesota.

    • Haha! It is a building that looks like a castle (no moat, though, am hoping they will add that in a renovation in years to come), and has lots and lots of cheese inside! Also, they have cheese accessories, as well as foods that go well with cheese. I love that they have weird and random flavors, like ‘buffalo chicken wing jack,’ my new fave.

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