The One with the Writing Errors

In this time of economic struggle, I have taken to staying at home and watching ooogles and ooogles of TV. I had to make up the word, ‘ooogles,’ because, to my knowledge, there is no word that can possibly come close to describing how much TV I am watching (I am actually super busy working full time and going to school, so I don’t really know how this happens. Mad time management skills?).


I recently decided to work my way through the ever popular series, “Friends.” I am on episode 5, and have come across a few plot holes. Which is awesome. Why? You’ll see.

Episode 4: ‘The One with George Stephanopoulos’

In this episode, Rachel tells friends from her old life of privilege that she now does her own laundry.

Cut to episode 5: ‘The One with the East German Laundry Detergent’

Rachel and Ross do laundry together on a Saturday night. Rachel calls herself a ‘laundry virgin,’ claiming it is her first time.

Episode 4 again, Ross is upset because it is the anniversary of losing his virginity to his wife – who has just left him for another woman. His sister, Monica, expresses sympathy before he even says what he is upset about. The audience sees that she knows the importance of the date, October 10th, to Ross.

Episode 5 again, Monica has a line of dialog stating, “My brother didn’t even tell me when he lost his virginity.”

This makes me feel so much better as a writer! If some of the most successful television writers can make errors like this, then we can all feel much better about just getting stuff down on paper, particularly when we are first starting with a project. Barf it all out and see where it leads.

Thank you, “Friends” writers! (No, I mean it. For real, thank you. I don’t mean any of this in a negative way at all, but in a this-is-just-what-happens-in-writing-life-sometimes kind of way. Just in case any “Friends” writers happen to stop by here and read this. Not that that would ever happen. Like, ever.)

17 thoughts on “The One with the Writing Errors

  1. Thanks for ruining Friends for me. The depth of the writing for that show was so…deep… and I have held it up as a benchmark for so many years.

    Why is it when we have the least amount of time is when we have the most time? Weird. THAT is what I picked up from this blog more than anything.

    I just finished watching most of the the first four seasons of “Breaking Bad” with my wife and son. They were addicted. I was curious. The show is incredibly clever in a mundane sort of way. Take that writing on and I will be glad to see what you come up with.

  2. I FREAKING LOVE T.V.!! That’s it!

    Oh, and I loved Friends! How cool you are discovering their writing glitches. That does give hope to my sitcom writing dream. 😉

    • Yes! I always think things like, oh, I could never do something awesome like that, like the people who do it are super human or something. But we are all just people, and if they can do it, I can do it!

  3. Ha, there were a lot of holes in that sitcom, though I loved it anyway. And, yeah, I watch more TV (and take up more hobbies in general) when I’m the busiest. It’s like I’m asking for a nervous breakdown.

    • I am finding myself laughing my who-ha off! I am most of the way through season one already, and I just started 3 days ago. Oh, and I had a big paper due this weekend that I just emailed. Strange.

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