A Fun Place for Writers to Pee

I feel super dee duper lazy today.

My brain feels fried. Does your brain ever do that? I am letting a mean person at work get to me too much. I wish I could be one of those super cool people who lets that kind of shtuff roll off their shoulders and kill ’em with kindness, who are able to feel totally fine when a co-worker yells at them and doesn’t take it personally. Yeah, like that. I wanna be like that.

Oh well. I am not there yet, but working on it (isn’t that how it is with so many things in life?).

So, to feed my brain happy thoughts and forget that I totally cried in the car on the way home, I am perusing through some old pics of fun sh**!


The best coffee table ever. Literally.


Um. A fun place for writers to pee (rest stop) in Iowa (that big thingy in front is a pen).


What? Who? When? How did this creature come to be? This baffles me. And it’s awesome. I don’t even care if any of my tax dollars were wasted here.


And, yeah, I know I have posted this picture before, but I still can’t believe that hubby and I drove past this in real life. It looks like something set up for a commercial shoot. I don’t think those happen in Wisconsin. So here it is again. Deal.


Hand chairs are awesome. It’s like a giant is grabbing my ass. And that’s just hot.


Mmm. Yellow peppers. And, mmmm, I don’t ever have to do anything in the kitchen, because hubby has mad skills.


Who took that picture? That’s just sick. (But still, heehee!)


The best part of any holiday? Pie leftovers and coffee for breakfast the next morning. Hell, you’re on holiday! Also applicable for birthday cake leftovers the day after your birthday.

The end.

14 thoughts on “A Fun Place for Writers to Pee

  1. You should have used the Mister Gay Potatohead picture for the end. Just sayin’.

    I totally get the whole not letting coworkers get to you thing, especially on a Friday. I have one of those non-supervisory, non-management type jobs where everyone comes to me for everything because I am the guy who knows everything so why not make him the scapegoat… and there are times where it’s a good thing I don’t carry a weapon. 23 years at the same job and it’s amazing I have lasted that long.

    Get well. Good pics. Where is that Iowa thingey?

  2. Pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened in the city where I live | stumpsandbeans

  3. I love your blog! I love every post! I think I said this before, but your blog is one of the only blogs that I get through my email. So usually I am on my phone in my car, at my daughters bus stop, or sitting in a doctors office waiting room when I am reading your blog. I hate commenting (or typing at all) from my phone, so I always figure I will do it when I get home on my laptop. Then I forget because I did not have you in my blogroll. Well……..drum roll…….I just put you in my blog roll.
    My point of this babbling comment is this – I laugh at EVERY SINGLE one of your posts. So to sum it up in one big comment.
    Oh, and to be specific on this post. As I read more and more, you kinda remind me of me. I cry in my car when someone outside of my family is mad at me, hurts my feelings, or gives me crap. I don’t ever want to confront anyone, ever! I can confront my husband like you wouldn’t believe, but ‘people who aren’t committed to me by marriage or blood’? Forget it!

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