The Kind of Love That Would Save You in the Fire Swamp. And, Dudes With Cool Blogs.

There are a lot of awesome dudes out there in the blogosphere. (Whatever, red squiggly line. Wikipedia recognizes ‘blogosphere’ as a word. The red squiggly line software should be updated! Like, if I type, ‘supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,’ you should know what that is, and not suggest that I change it to, ‘superciliousness.’ Not even close to the same thing. Actually, that is a lie. I don’t really even know what the definition of ‘superciliousness’ is. Sorry, rant over.)

Anyway, back to the dudes. I once took a writing class in which I wrote a piece — in which I based a male character on my husband. The feedback? That character is not believable as a man. You need to dude him up. ‘Dude him up’ is my phrase, but that is the gist of what they were saying.

I struggled and struggled. What to do? I didn’t want to make him into someone he was not, but I also needed readers to believe he could exist.

Then, I realized something. I was in a class of all women. Every last genitalia on the chairs of that classroom were vaginae.

And I bet they have all dated douche bags.

I should never have told my husband that I wrote him as he was and a room full of women didn’t believe he existed. Yeah. He brings that up every now and then. Whenever he feels the need to brag.

But, in the blogosphere, I have found proof! There are other dudes out there who have awesome relationships with their wives! And treat them like the queens that they are. And laugh with them and worship them! They do exist!

Now, I am not saying things are hunky-dory 24/7. We have our moments. Hell, we even almost got divorced once. And came close a couple of other times. (Those are perhaps some of the moments I needed to include in the writing class, to show believe-ability  because hey man, life is ups and downs, laughter and crying, and laughing while crying, or vice versa,  or laughing at someone else who is crying, or crying because of someone else who is laughing. At you. Because that happens.)

My point is, he may not always be able to open a jar of pickles (because his fingers hurt from all of the origami), but he would totally save me in the Fire Swamp.

Here are some awesome dude sites I have found. If you have one (an awesome dude site), and I have missed it, just leave your link in the comments!


Ned’s Blog




Oh my gosh! It’s an R.O.U.S.!

14 thoughts on “The Kind of Love That Would Save You in the Fire Swamp. And, Dudes With Cool Blogs.

  1. My rodent is of unusual size also. It would take you to the fire swamp and back, buttcup.

    Marriage and spouses are best when approached with commitment, eh? Sometimes we have to really search for that nugget that makes it worthwhile, but when you find it, it’s golden.

    I really don’t know what I just said, but since you mentioned my blog in this blog, I feel the need to justify it. (and thanks)

  2. Very funny….while new I think my blog may qualify

    Okay, “Awesome dude site” is a relative term!!!!

  3. People who reference things like the Fire Swamp and R.O.U.S. are some of my very favorite. Next thing I know you’ll be throwing around words like Troy’s Bucket (which I believe would make a fantastic band name, by the way) and Rock Biters.

    Also, here’s another dude blog totally worth following:

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Punky 🙂 I told my wife I had mentioned on your blog about our little exchange the night before, and she got this look on her face. “What did you tell her?” she asked. Once I explained it was about her comment while we were making the bed, she seemed relieved. Apparently, sharing with the world that she’d still love me as a midget because it would be more convenient in terms of the face-to-hoo-hoo ratio is OK, but mentioning the time I had to dress as….. oh, wait, her she comes……..

  5. Just as a note, I get the awesome husband thing. Mine has his days and we have had similar almost divorce moments.
    Love the ROUS and felt impelled to note that there is an NH license plate that reads “TOBLAVE” And yes, it is intentional! I asked and embarrassed my fifteen-year-old daughter at the same time. Double score day!

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