Some Shtuff That Blew My Mind

Most of you know, my husband is a nerd. Which is super sexy.

There is a  downside, however.

He is constantly showing me sh** online about tech-y stuff.


(The upside is that cool stuff happens like getting my entire family to hang out on my birthday playing Super Mario 3, Game Genie style.)


But, I love him and don’t want to hurt his fragile feelings, so I stay and watch the boring sh**. Even though in my head I am thinking about when I can get away because I really need to cut my toenails, or something.

Yesterday, however, something amazing happened. He showed me something that blew my mind.

He often reads articles on a site called Engadget. And this one . . . Wow:

FDA clears Argus II ‘bionic eye’ for sale in the US (video)

I was too lazy to read the article over his shoulder. And when he started to play the video, I suppressed a yawn. But, as I realized what it was about, I couldn’t look away or stop saying, ‘wow!’ What a huge step that could help so many people! Like a real miracle straight out of some biblical sh**! (In case you don’t want to watch, it is all about this device that will help people with blindness actually be able to see some forms of light, outlines of objects like doorways, all from some kind of technology interacting with light interpreting areas of the brain. See what I mean when I say biblical sh**I?)

In other news, while hubby watches stuff on Engadget, filling his mind with information that helps him and society grow, I prefer to fill my brain with things like this:

On a blog called ‘Here’s Some Awesome,’ here is, well, some awesome. Thrift Shop.

13 thoughts on “Some Shtuff That Blew My Mind

  1. Funny because my fiancee is a total nerd as well. Always researching techy stuff online, into building super computers and of course, superheros. LOVES his superheros. I think it’s cute. Anyways, interesting thing about the new device that could help blindness. The things we learn from our nerdy significant others, eh? lol 🙂

  2. My husband tells rock jokes that only HE gets, and then he laughs to himself (he’s a geophysicist). He told me about this “eye” thingy, though. It kinda makes me feel like we’re living in The Future!

    I want my floating skateboard now.

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