You Must Have One to Get Laid!

Is a sense of humor important?


Of course, the type may vary. Cheesy. Punny. Witty. Groaner. Sarcastic.

And thus you may need the right humor *match.* But, dudes, you gotta make her laugh. And sometimes, you gotta make her laugh her vagina off. (I use male / female pronouns here, but this includes all romantic relationships, whether same sex couple, or tri-ples, or whatever your situation is. I just like to say ‘laugh vagina off’ where most would say ‘laugh ass off.’ Guess I’m sexist towards vaginas. Vaginae. Deal.)

This is the card hubby left for me atop a bag of my favorite chocolates this morning:


(Yes, ‘Fuzzy Pants’ is me. See page ‘Sexy Alter Egos, Sort of’ if you desire further explanation.)




I feel like I should show the back of the card. Consider it my works cited:


A sense of humor: You must have one to get properly laid!

(Chicks, you must have one, too! Say you are getting all romantic, then your dude makes a stupid joke in bed and you start to get out of the mood, don’t let it happen! Relax! It’s okay! Just laugh it off, and see how much fun you can have. And by ‘it,’ of course I mean vagina.)

7 thoughts on “You Must Have One to Get Laid!

  1. You are so right on with this, and I thank the skies above each day that my wife and I share the same, twisted, silly, off-color, inappropriate, corny and punny humor. Last night, we were doing the mundane, making the bed after changing into fresh sheets after the kids were in bed. While on my knees tucking in a corner, I said, “Would you still loved me if I was only this tall?” After a momentary pause, she shook her hips and said, “It would sure be convenient if you were that height.” We both fell on the bed laughing together and, it’s those kinds of moments β€” going through the mundane but finding the humor β€” that makes being married to the right person the ultimate gift. Although I do look at midgets as potential competition now…

    • You said it so well! Hubby and I have lots of moments like that as well, ‘going through the mundane but finding the humor.’ I never had an inkling that life could be that way, and it is definitely a gift. At least I remind myself of that anytime he does something that pisses me off (which, luckily for him, is not too often).

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