Um. I’m not sure what to call this. Maybe, ‘Snow Penis?’

So, I feel silly writing a post about writing a post.

It’s like when you watch a movie that’s about making a movie. Super weird, right? (Okay, and now I just had to google ‘Movies about making movies.’)

But, there are times when I just can’t wait to see what articles that Zemanta feature thingy is going to recommend! I mean, I just want to type and type and then type some more. Get down whatever crazy sh** may be popping in my brain, and see what happens next. The anticipation!

Like, what happens if I what I am typing includes the words, ‘snow,’ and then, ‘penis?’ What ever could appear?

Like magic, an article about someone in New York drawing a picture of a penis in the snow that blankets a parked car reveals itself! It’s amazing!

So, what happens if I just make a crazy shenanigans list of random stuff? Let us find out!

  • Hot air balloon
  • Bat
  • Cray cray (Okay, bat and cray cray sort of go together, not really random. But I can’t help it. My brain is human and free association happens.)
  • George Michael
  • Vaginae
  • And Vaginae reminds me of cacti. Because really, who the frack says, ‘cacti?’ Everyone says, ‘cactuses’ (sorry if you say, ‘cacti’ and I just offended you). It’s like the nauseated vs nauseous thing. We get it. We know you feel like you might spu. Grammatically correctly or not.
  • Underwear
  • Pickles
  • Tom Selleck
  • Onomatopoeia
  • Marshmallow man
  • Does anything happen if I type Tom Selleck twice?

And, for good measure, PENIS, PENIS, SNOW, SNOW!


Oh my gosh. Nothing about George Micheal, or hot air balloons popped up. Bummer.

Though I can’t wait to see what ‘Llama Takeover!’ is about. It sounds kinda awesome.

(Update on 2-18-13: I forgot that Zemanta suggests pictures, too! Awesome. I am totally adding a pic of George Michael, and a hot air balloon. Bummer = taken away. Now, if only there was a pic of George Michael *in* a hot air balloon . . . A girl can dream.)

English: A hot air balloon in flight at the Mi...

English: A hot air balloon in flight at the Mid-Hudson Valley balloon festival along the Hudson River in Poughkeepsie, New York (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

George Michael

George Michael (Photo credit: hanspoldoja)

21 thoughts on “Um. I’m not sure what to call this. Maybe, ‘Snow Penis?’

    • Haha! Vigantic. That was awesome!
      Oh, and the thingy I mentioned is Zemanta. If you go to your Dashboard, then Users, Personal Settings, towards the bottom you can check the box by ‘Additional post content’ that says, ‘help me find related content.’ And, viola! When you write a post, Zemanta will generate suggestions (I think you have to look near the bottom right hand corner before you publish a post, then click on related articles you want to share). You can preview the articles you want to share first, also. They will open in another window so that it wont mess with your shizzle. It is funny, because sometimes Zemanta will suggest one of your own posts!
      I learned all of this from my friend at ‘Write on the World.’ She is awesome. (Her site is linked on my blogroll. AKA ‘Blogs I Like to Read.’)

    • Damn, now that’s going to be stuck in my head for a week and when people at work ask me why I’m laughing I can’t legally tell them because of stupid sexual harassment guidelines.

  1. Oh my god, I was laughing so hard at that snow penis article! It cracks me up how upset everyone got, which I am sure only delighted the teenagers even more. So funny!

  2. I see you are a friend of Hannah’s, which I didn’t know until I scrolled through the comments, which means you have to be my friend because I like sick people, which if you are a friend of Hannah’s it means you are sick, which means I might have to split my stalking time now.

    Is “Vaginae” plural? I know why this male has never had the chance to use that word.

    • I have spent my whole life saying vaginas (wait, that sounds weird). Which some sources claim is correct, but everywhere I type it it gets a red squiggly line! It was the magic of the spell check that led me to the true knowledge, vaginae. Now I can avoid future embarrassment when conversing with uppity grammarians and disusing things that require the use of plural vagina activity. Which actually happens quite often.

  3. That 12-foot penis is hilarious. Such a hypocritical prudish bunch we are. If I had teenage boys I’d much rather them build a 12-foot penis than a 12-foot assault rifle. That’s when we need to worry! Funny post! I tried Zemanta a few times on my site, but it was buggy, it stuck in 12 foot penises where I didn’t want them. (I made that up.) 🙂

  4. I showed you mine, now you show me yours! – slimegreen

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