Just Say Yes, or Laughing my Vagina off

Do you need some inspiration?

Here are some places where I have found inspiration recently.

The FurFiles: Melanie from Journey to Wildness did a guest post.

This shit made me think about some deep stuff, man.

Living my life matters. Enjoying it matters. I can find ways to live fully whatever crazy situation I find myself in. I too often tend to lean on the side of losing faith and feeling hopeless, that life will be nothing but struggling to pay the bills.

The stuff here is a good reminder I can choose some more enjoyable feelings, starting with where I am right now in life.

Pretend it’s Clever:

Inspiring me to say, ‘yes.’ Sometimes I feel like I need to make a huge dramatic change to be happy, like sell all of my belongings, live in a van, and travel around the country for years. Even though I still totally want to do that in the future sometime, until then, I can find ways¬†manageable¬†in my current situation to say, ‘yes,’ and watch how things unfold. It could be something simple and small.

The Jiggly Bits:

Her about page inspires strength and movement. You just have to read it!

Sunny Days in DC:

Because sometimes I just need to be inspired to laugh my vagina off.

(Below, in , ‘Related Articles,’ there is one that may not be totally related. But it had a picture of a sexy Cowboy chest, so I had to include it.)

10 thoughts on “Just Say Yes, or Laughing my Vagina off

  1. I just want to weap tears of sloppy, ecstatic joy that I inspired you even one IOTA. I’m so excited to hear about more yesventures! Except sexy ones. Okay, sexy ones, too. I’M NOT A SAINT.

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