I Am One Sexy Goomba!

My husband is weird.

Like many people in love, hubby and I often call each other pet names. Now, when I hear other people do that, I want to gag. They sound so cheesy. But I engage in the practice myself. What can I say. I am a hypocrite.

But at least I use normal pet names, like ‘sweetheart,’ or, ‘honey.’

My husband comes up with the weirdest names for me. Some of them sound kind of . . . well, you’ll see. But when he says them, it is always in a super duper sugary voice so it still sounds sweet.

Here they are:

  • Munchkin butt
  • Underpants lady
  • Stinky pants
  • Cutie McFrisbee butt (He adds the word, ‘butt,’ to the end of pretty much any thing to make it a pet name.)
  • Stinky weasel (He also adds, ‘stinky,’ a lot. I have a bit of a complex now.)
  • Monkey butt
  • My little Goomba (Aren’t Goombas those evil mushroom things from Super Mario Bros?)


These names are all completely silly. But so is my man.

Does your significant other have weird pet names for you?

UPDATED ON 1-28-13:

So, after I published this post yesterday, I remembered two more names.

1- Angel face. This one sounds very sweet. But, we are Doctor Who fans. Yeah, picture that angel face and it’s not so sweet, right?


(Above: A Weeping Angel from Dr. Who. Scariest shit ever.)

2- And I can’t believe I forgot this one because it is my favorite: Jiggly Bits. I don’t know where he comes up with this stuff (other than I do have bits, and they are jiggly). And to make it even more hilarious, I just found one of my favorite blogs to read ever a few months ago that is called, ‘The Jiggly Bits.’ Super weird. And also awesome.

If names keep coming to me (or if hubby thinks up some more weird-ness), perhaps I will just create a page on this blog as a place to log my many identities.

23 thoughts on “I Am One Sexy Goomba!

  1. Aww I think they’re sweet!

    I call my boyfriend Stinky, but it’s a term of endearment, it’s not literal! haha!
    (So dont worry, its just childish humour I think!)

    Our pet names aren’t too sickly (I hope!) We tend to stick to “Bubba”, “Boo” (also from Mario, haha!) or BooBear… I don’t think they’re too bad 😛

    • Heehee. Sometimes, hubby does say ‘pookie bear.’ That’s a little barfy, right?
      I am so happy that I am not the only one out there being called ‘stinky’ in a loving way! Yay!

      • 😀 Glad I could put you at ease! hahah!

        I’m a sucker for cuteness. I think pookiebear is adorable!!!

        The only pet name I don’t like is “pudding” and I don’t know why…. hahah

  2. Funny. I’ve turned “dear” into a true four letter word. “Yes dear”, “I will dear”, “no I don’t need a frontal lobotomy dear”, accompanied by rolling eyes and sighing tone.

  3. Haha! That is a scary ass Angel Face, but I actually think it is much cooler cause I kind of do the *gag* *puke* thing when I hear other people too. (Though we may be guilty behind closed doors.)

  4. My boyfriend is in the habit of calling me “kiddo” which i think, potentially, is the most unnerving pet name ever. It makes me feel like he is my dad, and so I would take Angel Face any day.. at least if someone breaks into your house you know you can protect him 😉

  5. You guys sound like you have a very fun relationship. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog because now I’ve been able to check out yours. Do you tweet new posts on Twitter? If yes, I’d like to connect with you. @randomblogr I like getting new posts on my phone.

      • No worries! I’ll be checking back regularly. 🙂 I really like your blog / writing style. Let me know if you’d be interested in exchanging links for our blogroll? Check mine out again and see if it’s something you wouldn’t mind your blog being featured on.

  6. Love this! My husband calls me Kumquat – loved finding them in the produce section to show him. Then when he hears other people use the word he acts as if they stole something from them.

  7. Hey! Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m pretty sure a goomba is a mildly rude way of referring to an Italian-American man of a certain socio-economic level. Some people also call them “Vinnies.” It’s not a huge slur though! And I’m sure there are way worse pet names. In fact, I KNOW there are!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yes! Mario was a cartoon goomba!!! Ha ha. It’s sad that nobody knows the old ethnic slurs anymore. My Dad used to say that Ethnic hatred fueled the East Coast. It was what made the food so good, he believed. You can’t have proper Jewish delis or real Italian pizza without a certain level of hostility! Apparently…

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